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Multi-User Panel for Fuel Consumption Monitoring (MC Box)


Course Details

The MC system consists in a multi-user panel contained into a protection box, a dedicated software to be installed in a PC and a series if accessories to export the data from the panel to the PC database.

The control panel can manage directly:
• Switching ON/OFF of the pump,
• Recognize of authorized users by means of i-button key or password,
• Preset the quantity to dispense,
• The managing of a pulse meter for measuring the quantity dispensed,
• The managing of an external level switch to switch off the pump in case of low level input,
• The managing of an external nozzle switch combined with the nozzle holder,
• The direct connection to a PC for exporting data files,
• The managing of an external printer.
• The system is easy to install and whether proof.
• The wiring connection are located into electrical boxes easy to access.

Construction details:
• Sturdy casing whether proof to contain the panel with easy access to the connection boxes.
• Electronic panel with double display and keypad for entering code number and i- button key reader.
• Max current: 6,5 Amp at 230 V.

Main Features:
• Possibility to handle up to 120 users provided with user codes and magnetic keys.
• The total consumption per each user within a defined period, directly on the control panel.
• Local memory capable of storing data for the last 255 refueling.
• Can accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings.
• Records date and time of refueling.
• Export data to PC by means of direct cable connection or memory key.
• Dedicated software for making printouts of refueling details and individual user summaries.
• Electronic i-button keys for user identification.
• With one software is possible to manage up to 16 control panel
• Keys and Key reader with USB plug available for exporting to the PC (optional)
• RS Converter with USB plug available for direct connection to the PC.

• Software for PC with dedicated RS converter or PC i-button key reader
• User i-button keys
• Oval gear meter, K600/3 

MC BOx on pictures:


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