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Fuel Alarm System (Emilprobe®)


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Emilprobe® is a probe, which performs real-time monitoring of the liquid inside the storage tanks for private or commercial use. Emilprobe can be controlled locally by means of a touchscreen electronic unit as well as remotely by means of a smartphone. Above all, Emilprobe is equipped with an innovative alarm system, which detects abnormalities in the fuel values and sends immediately an SMS-message and an e-mail to 5 different cell phone numbers and 5 e-mail addresses. In this manner, the owner of the tank is updated immediately in case of an unexpected level drop that may be a theft. And when occurs the level drop the pump is blocked and it is not possible to refuel. The Emilprobe® system software constantly monitors in text and graphic form, the actual volume and the level in millimeters of liquid in the tank; furthermore, if coupled with an ES-level or ES- LEVEL DIGIMAG probe, the system may also monitor the temperature in degrees and the presence of water in millimeters.
Emilprobe® can manage up to 120 users.

Emilprobe® is equipped with a Gps module that allows you to localize, through the free website emilprobe.com, the real position of the tank where the system is installed and check in real time the status of tank levels and fuel stock (data can exported in spreadsheets). In addition to that, Emilprobe® can be connected to a pulser meter in order to record the litres delivered from the tank. These activities make Emilprobe® an efficient and effective fuel management system, enabling the plant supervisor to constantly analyze the fuel consumption (users are required to log in on the panel to get the authorization to dispense fuel) and to plan the tank loadings. This free option is an ideal solution for Oil companies and fuel resellers and dealers.

Online version characteristics and benefits:

• Access to the system via private credentials on a free website.

• User authorization to refuellings after login on the panel.

• Geo-localization of tanks connected to the manager account.

• Real-time consumption report and level and stock situation of tanks.

• Web mapping of the tanks to reach.

• Web mapping of the fuel discharged to tanks.

• Web mapping of the nearest tank for fuel discharge. Nearest tank tank web mapping for fuel drain.

• Data export to spreadsheets for refuellings, loadings and stock.


Emilprobe system can be connected, in its basic version, to existing level indicators such as ES-LEVEL, ES-LEVEL DIGIMAG and OCIO. Moreover, we have developed an Emilprobe version with a new pneumatic level probe: Level Inspector. The software of Emilprobe system constantly monitors and displays the following values of liquid in the tank:

• Volume in litres and fuel level in millimeters.

• Presence of water in millimeters (available only with ES-Level or Digimag probe).

• Temperature in degrees (available only with ES-LEVEL or DIGIMAG probe).

Technical features:

• IP55 Box Dimensions: 19 x 13.5 x 8 cm (L x H x W).

• Color display 4.3 “WQVGA-resolution (480x272) touchscreen.

• RS485 opto-isolated interface for connection to the probe ESLEVEL / OCIO.

• GSM / GPRS / GPS Simcom 908/928.

• 2 dry contact relay.

• Supply: 230V / 50Hz.

• 100 records (Logfile) of latest operations / modifications to the software.

• 4 AA rechargeable batteries.

• Input Mass Storage USB to upload Tank Calibration Table / save operations / Insert company’s Logo.

Only for the version with Level Inspector:

• Liquid level control system Resolution 1 cm.

• Terminal heater.

Emilprobe on pictures:


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