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Electronic Fuel Level Gauge (Magnetostictive Technology)


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ES-LEVEL is a magnetostrictive level probes based on the Wiedemann effect; this device performs a continuous and highly accurate reading of the level of liquid inside the tank.

The level transmitter consists of an electronic circuit with a 16-bit 16-MHz microprocessor - flash technology, a stainless steel AISI 304 rod with a die cast aluminium head, closed-cell expanded PVC or stainless steel floats and a LCD alphanumeric Display.

The following is the operating principle; inside the probe tube there is a rigid wire made of magnetostrictive material. The sensor circuitry emits pulses of current through the wire, generating a circular magnetic field. The level transmitter is a magnet, which is integrated into the float. Its magnetic field magnetizes the wire axially. Since the two magnetic fields are superimposed, around the float magnet a torsion wave is generated which runs in both directions along the wire. One wave runs directly to the probe head while the other is reflected at the bottom of the probe tube. The time is measured between emission of the current pulse and arrival of the wave at the probe head. The position of the float is determined on the basis of the transit times.

The following data are shown sequentially on the monochromatic alphanumeric display that can be installed at a distance of up to 5 m:
• Level of liquid in the tank (L).
• Level of liquid in the tank (mm).
• Ullage: the empty space in the tank (L).
• Volume stored (%)
• Presence of water (option) (mm).
• Fuel average temperature (option), (°C).
• Volume compensation (only with temperature sensor) @ 15°C (L).
• Product weight (kg).
• presence of active alarms, temperature, presence of water in the tank, etc.

Technical Specifications:
• Electronics: 16-bit flash technology microprocessor 16-MHz.
• Alphanumerical backlit LCD display.
• Tank connection: threaded nickel-plated brass 2” M BSPP.
• Stainless steel AISI 304 rod.
• Closed-cell expanded PVC float, diameter Ø 50 mm.
Accuracy: +/- 0,5 mm, Resolution: +/- 0,1 mm.
• Temperature accuracy (in the range -20 +70°C) +/- 0,2°C
• Power Supply: Battery 9 – 30 Vcc or 220Vac.
• Serial communication port: RS 485 (optional).
• Measuring range from 200 mm up to 13.000 mm.
• CE certified and marked.
• N. 4 alarm relays (i.e. min level alarm, max level alarm, etc.).
• Available version ATEX certified: CESI ATEX 020 II 1/2 GD Ex d IIC T6 Ex tD A21 IP66/68 T85°C (option ES-LEVEL DIGIMAG).
• The TOP LEVEL software (optional) is a management software for depot and tanks fields. It gives clear graphics indications on the status of each tank and can be used for alarms set up and enter tanks' tables or information. Besides it can stores historical, time based graphics, calculation of stocks for each product or product groups, static leakage detection. A simple and easy research system can find every type of information needed linked to the product movement, water and temperature in the tanks. RS485 interface allows a connection with probes using a unique cable made by 4 wires, two for power supply and two for data transmission.
• Additional closed-cell expanded PVC ballast float for water detection.
• Stainless steel floats for vegetable oil or other chemical aggressive fluids.
• Temperature sensors.
• Display power supply.
ATEX version with a monochromatic alphanumeric display for connection with two probes (protection level: IP65) or with a color LCD touch-screen display (protection level: Eexd) for connecting up to 16 probes.
• TOP LEVEL software. 

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