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Carry Polyethylene Tanks


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Polyethylene tank for Diesel and gasoline fuel transport equipped with a fuel transfer unit.

Available with capacities: 220-440 Litres. Compact and light, manufactured in roto-molded linear polyethylene, our Polyethylene Carrytank is equipped with the following fittings: filling plug, air vent device, fuel transfer unit, integrated forklift pockets (full tank), handles for lifting and carrying (empty tank) and integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing strap during transport. All the fittings are made of aluminum or materials compatible with Diesel fuel.

Available special design for transport with pick up cars (provided with a narrow base to allow the installation between the wheel arches of the back of the pick-up).

Equipped with AC or DC Fuel Transfer pump (12 or 24 Volt and 230 Volt) with flow rate range 40 – 70 l/min, 4 m antistatic rubber hose, 4 m battery power cabble, automatic fuel nozzle, and on demand we provide water filter and digital turbine flow meter. Available with power battery charges.

Wall Thickness: 5 – 6.5 mm.

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