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Automatic Delivery Control System for Privete Use (Amico 2002)


Course Details

Fuel management system to monitor and control refuelling operations.

Main features:
• Can be activated either by vehicle TAG, driver TAG.
• Automatic identification and authorisation to fuel delivery only to personnel provided with the pre-programmed TAG.
• Every fuelling operation is tracked and processed.
• The system is designed to improve the control of unattended refuelling operations.
• It allows the independent management of the system without needs of supervision or dedicated personnel.
• It processes statistics and average calculation of fuel consumption.
• Continuous monitoring and management of tanks' stock.
• It permits several customized restrictions for each TAG, as maximum number of deliveries, product and quantity for any TAG, working time-restrictions, setting of personal password/code as well as many others.
• TAGs contain a microchip that can be programmed and reprogrammed as many times you need.
• TAGs reading system is a proximity reading type which grants to avoid any dust, dirty or water penetration or any improper use of the system which may cause damages.

Data transmission options:
• By module AmicoOnLine and a GSM SIM card.
• By LAN module for connection to an ethernet network.
• Direct connection to a PC by cable and micro-modems (signal amplificator) fixed to poles.  

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