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Asphalt/Concrete Planers


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Simex PL self-leveling planers are designed for removing the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or for milling deteriorated sections for later resurfacing. Created to mill pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces such as asphalt and cement, they allow the possibility to reuse milled material for backfilling trenches. Thanks to the exclusive self-leveling system, planing depth is constant in any condition.

These planers for excavators can work on horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces.

Varian: Planer for Excavator Attachment, Planer for Skid Steer Loader/Front Loader

Key Features: 
- Constant planning depth
- Perfect surfaces with side-by-side passes
- Maximum safety
- Stability and no vibrations
- Optimum visibility for the operator
- For Excavator attachment: mill on horizontal, vertical, or sloped surfaces
- For Loader attachment: can be installed with belt conveyor, and/or water spray system for optimized collection of mill material and clean area.

Available as attachment for:
- Skid Steer Loaders
- Front Loaders
- Mini Excavator
- Excavators
- Backhoe Loaders

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