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Dry Grinding Equipments

Dry grinding equipments are primarily used when downstream preparation process requires dry material or in order to save valuable water resources


Pendulum Mills

Course Details

The design of the Pendulum Mill was born from the need to obtain fine particles more efficiently than using the available technologies in those times. Being a highly proven and reliable system, several applications are currently used in various industries to process an enormous variety of materials economically and effectively. The efficiency of the milling combined with the fact of being able to grind, classify and if necessary dry in one single machine undoubtedly gives Pendulum Mills a clear advantage over other systems. They admit a supply with grain sizes of up to 50 mm and can obtain a range of fines of up to 15 microns in a single step. They are used for raw materials of various types, with different characteristics such as specific gravity, humidity, hardness, etc., obtaining high rate productions and exceptional final material quality. The best results are obtained with medium and low hardness materials, with values lower than 6 Mohs, being capable of operating with materials with high plasticity indexes and high humidity content percentage, obtaining great efficiency in the simultaneous drying operation. These materials include clays, bentonite, calcium carbonate, gypsum, dolomite, lime, phosphates, barite, talc, petro-leum coke, coals, etc.

Key Factors:
- Excellent accessibility
- Eregonomic design
- Flexible operation
- Quick and easy maintenance
- High production capacity
- Maximum adaptability
- Minimum dust emissions

Pendulum Mills on pictures:


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