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Linear & Overhead Indoors Reclaimer

All About Linear & Overhead Indoors Reclaimer.


Linear & Overhead Indoors Reclaimer

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Reclaimers and Stackers are essential equipment for bulk material handling and clay storage, when we aim to optimize the exploitation of warehouses, automating the extraction of material, reducing operating costs and improving the properties of outgoing mixture. The extraction method in storage rooms, using reclaimers and stackers, enhances mixture homogenizing since equal quantities of each warehouse layer are extracted, compensating for the different particle sizes and humidity variations. These machines are available in two different designs (longitudinal and overhead) featuring various customizable configurations tailored to process needs, given available space and required production.

-Reclaimers for longitudinal storage systems and the Chevron filling pattern.
-Overhead dredging excavators for pit storage systems and the Windrow filling pattern.

Key Factors:
- Low operational costs
- 100% automated system
- Modular production
- Adaptation and optimization of available space
- Homogenization of properties of the material

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