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Extruder Mixers

All About Extruder Mixers.


Extruder Mixers

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EDesigned to provide greater levels of homogenization and mixing of superior quality, thereby ensuring perfect cohesion of materials, optimum incorporation of additives of different textures and densities, more effective humidification, and even the effective reincorporation of off-cuts from the shaping area. The design and distribution of the homogenization trough, and especially that of the knives, makes the mixing more effective by directing and pressing the material between the knives of both shafts. The clay particles and additives undergo particularly intensive mixing throughout the length of the trough. This ensures the provision of uniform conditions for the subsequent steps in the clay-preparation process. The extruder mixers have a compression area located at the end of both shafts that provides subsequent cutting by means of a system of stars and combs. This ensures optimum homogenization, with particles that are uniform in size and shape and easy to transport and dose. The filter mixers swap the cutting system for an automatic filtering system, which removes any impurities that might affect the qualities of the mixture and its subsequent processing. These speciality mixers, which have a production up to 60 t/h, are more efficient than open mixers. e mixture, contributes to the adhesion of water and facilitates the uniform distribution of additives, to achieve a completely homogeneous recipe.

Key Factors:
- Optimization of operating costs
- Accessibility for maintenance
- High performance
- Accessibility for maintenance
- High level of homogenization
- Efficient mixing
- Mixing efficiency
- Safety and control

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